End of December/Jan 2016

Sunday January 3, 2016

[From the trip December 2015 in Meldale]

Jan 3rd
I have been lucky to see another Long-tailed Duskdarter and also a Short-tailed Duskdarter. Yesterday (Jan 2nd) I saw 6 Graphic Flutterwings on the main dam when in a season we normally are lucky to see one.  As yet there are not many damsels on any of the dams. 

This morning it was the turn of the birds to stand out with the first sighting of a Brush Cuckoo for the garden and a photo of a juvenile Koel showing the white spots down its front and the typical red eyes. The Variegated Fairy Wrens and Brown Thornbills are always present but it is hard to catch them still enough to snap a photo.




Written by

Helen Leonard