Meldale July 2014

July 31, 2014

I have been lucky enough to be on leave in the glorious winter sunshine we have received in Meldale since early July.  Although the land is desperate for rain having a week, to enjoy the wildlife has been great.
Our grey gums (E.terantcornis) are in full flower.  Some trees have bright pink flowers others are white but the birds like both. It is one of the heaviest flowerings we have seen for many years.  Hopefully it does not mean the drought is back to stay.  We only had 4.5 mm in July (average 65.5mm), which was even worse than the around 20 mm each for June (av.75mm) and May (av. 121.8mm).  The sound of rainbow lorikeets, noisy friar birds and wattle birds fills our day but there is also the constant shrill calls of the scarlet honey eaters and the characteristic calls of striated pardalotes. Fig bird calls and Australian magpies complete the chorus.  
In January 2014 I first saw Golden Whistlers.  Now I have seen them with young (June-July) and they have remained for the winter so hopefully they are here to stay.
I have also seen both pardalotes and yellow robins with young but the dry and cold nights must mean not so many insects so they will need to work hard. Rarer sightings have been an olive-backed oriole normally a summer visitor, a pair of king parrots (a first time for the garden) and a pair of noisy pittas. We have had one pitta come to the garden in winter for a few years now but hopefully with two they might stay and join the whip birds and white-browed scrub wrens foraging in the undergrowth.


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Helen Leonard

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